A Top 40 Aria Chart!

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Hi there!

I’m extremely excited to announce that my album has entered the ARIA
Top 40 at the weekend, charting at #37, #1 on the Jazz Album Chart and
#10 on Australian Artist Album Chart.

I am over the moon that our potentially niche album has had a broad
appeal, so thank you to everyone who has supported this record!

For those of you that might not have purchased the album yet, Sanity
is running a competition where if you buy the album before July

13 you go in the running to win a trip to Sydney to visit me on the
set of ‘Mornings’. Read more about that here

Once again, John and I are overwhelmed at the support from all of you
on this project, and we’re already scheming about ways to work
together in the future! Until then, onwards and upwards.


jadensocialA Top 40 Aria Chart!